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Successful Trial Evacuation

Feb 9, 2022 | News

Coast Medical Successfully Executed Our Trial Evacuation Plans

During the state of emergency Coast Medical set up a mobile clinic to continue to provide health care to our community

This was a combined achievement from Coast Medical and local businesses who assisted setting up a remote clinic at Alma Road.

West-Trak Equipment Ltd assisted with a prime location, high and dry for patients and donated a diesel generator.
Westport Hire donated a porta loo.
A local family donated and moved a caravan to site to serve as a staff hub.
Jeff Reynolds (Reliance Data) worked late into the evening to set up a satellite dish, wifi and phones.

Although not required, the team was ready with power, phones and internet, on high ground.

An example of how our community bands together to keep essential services running.

Fantastic to know that we have that kind of local support backing our community, Coast Medical really appreciate it.
Thank you to everyone who was involved from the Coast medical team.